Sing, Dance and Learn with LittleStoryBug’s Songs & Books!

LSB Preschool Songs

This first volume features songs that will have your young learner up and moving. Lots of fun for the entire family!

LSB Preschool Book

The 1st book of many to come by Miss Tracey & LittleStoryBug! Your child will read this daily! Order now!

LSB Preschool Songs 2

This 2nd volume is so much fun. It will have your entire class & family singing, dancing, and learning! Get yours now!

  • Justin in Where is My Sneaker
  • Mom in Where is My Sneaker
  • Miss Tracey at Horizons
LittleStoryBug creates fun, upbeat and easy-to-learn songs and books for youngsters that parents, teachers and those working with children will love.
To instill the love of learning in preschoolers one story and one song at a time.
We promise to provide uplifting music and stories that develop your young learners in a positive manner.
We have nearly 400 videos on YouTube designed to prepare your preschoolers for the challenges that await them.