My name is Tracey Phillips. “Miss Tracey” for short. I have over 20 years experience as a librarian. In that time, I have worked extensively with children of all ages, preparing hundreds, if not thousands of programs and storytimes. Working directly with preschoolers, I know what it takes to engage young learners. I know what it takes to get their attention, deepen their learning, increase their attention span, sharpen their focus and have fun at the same time. Wanting to reach more children,parents, and educators, I created LittleStoryBug. I now reach an audience that spans across the world.

LittleStoryBug is a place where parents, educators, those working with children and children can come access resources for learning and FUN! Here, you’ll find songs, videos, books, and resources that will take your children to the next level. I discovered through the years that movement, coupled with song creates a dynamic atmosphere for early childhood development. As a result, the songs we create are designed to make you and your little ones want to move, dance, and have fun. Your children will be counting, learning abc’s, days of the week and month, colors, self esteem, and so much more!

You’ll also find videos that will keep your kids engaged.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! I’d also like to take a moment to thank those of you that have supported us through the years.

Tracey & Bill Phillips
Tracey & Bill Phillips

We Have Viewers from Around the World, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

I have used several of your stories for our media story time and the kids love to sit and listen. Some of the books you have read are hard to find in our local libraries. Thank you so much for taking the time!
Heather Hunter
I am raising a 21 month old and as a working single mom, I must comment on your videos! They are so wonderful-both the singing and learning videos have captured my baby’s attention and give me more tools with which to teach him. Thank you thank you thank you!
Kristi K
Hi, I love all your videos. I teach at a preschool in China and your songs are extremely helpful to get me to entertain the kids. You Rock! Thanks a ton once again!
Thanks Ms Tracey! I’m going to extend this song to nine animals for my next class, it was just what I needed for my YL-EFL class, easy lyrics and lots of repetition!!
Peria Pimentel
O my gosh, I am so glad you post different types of xmas songs apart from the usual traditional xmas we always hear. I love your enthusiasm and cool krafts in your videos. I enjoyed showing ur xmas videos this morning w my prek and kindergartener. Thanks for being a part of a joyous morning at home w my kids! Keep up the good work. I’m learning right with them. Lol! Merry Christmas to you! Love Keila, Alani and Daniel.
My granddaughter asks for you ms. Tracey when she wants to sing songs on her iPad. My granddaughters fav part was “that’s not right!” she kept repeating it, very catchy
Thank you and your husband for taking the time out to make these interactive education videos!
Ms Tracey. You are a part of our Prek family. Thank you for your creative songs.
Dianna Robinson
You’ve done it again Miss Tracey! My baby girl loves it!
Curtis Chiles
Great to see more sight words videos.
The Kid’s Picture Show
Miss Tracey we really do appreciate you and the wonderful soothing preschool learning materials. My 5 year old grandson grew up with your YouTube channel. He is now in kindergarden and his 3 and 1 year old brothers have picked up where he left off. Thank you for providing such empowering educational experiences for the children..
Harmoni Piece
Excellent, my 20 month old really enjoys the movements you do with this song. (5 Little Monkeys) Her name is Charlie. My daughter LOVES you!!
Carmen P
My son loves your video’s I have them on a playlist and whenever your video’s pop up he says ” Hi Miss Tracy!” at the end he says “Bye Bye” and he loves it when the little kids giggle at the end.. Thank You!
Umin Yussif
YOU ARE AWESOME! I’m so inspired by your story! Keep doing what you’re doing! I will be praying for you and this AMAZING work!
Shanna Sansom
This is a great lesson. Thanks for teaching us!
Tea Time with Tayla
It was cute watching my daughter yelling “Miss Tracey! Wake up!” lol. (Are You Sleeping video)
Kendra Marco
My grand baby loves your videos!
Eva Bauers
My daughter absolutely loves these videos… she say’s that your the best teacher ever!!!!
Talisha Sheeran
I work as a substitute, and when I work with younger children, I like to use your playlist for them. When we have computer access, that is!
My son loves the learning colors one and makes him laugh…he calls you by name and everything!
Zemira Israel
Love the back to school song!
Mama Fulton
Loved it and did it in sign language for my kids. I am profoundly deaf and also a storyteller for deaf kids..God bless you and Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you..
Carole tripani
This just got me an A in my child development class 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas, but of course I added my own ideas too.
Morgan Harden
Hey there! I am a college student majoring in music education and I’m currently taking an elementary methods course. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me some great ideas for my assignments!
L Egay
Hi Ms Tracey…I enjoyed that… I like your Channel & your ideas & your presentation…
Warmly from Mary The Supergranny
Mary Bosveld
Love this story! I read this book two weeks ago during storytime. What a classic book!
Auntie Em
Excited Daycare
We have been enjoying your videos this past week! My daughter loves when the theme song starts, my husband thinks you should be the next Mr. Rogers!
Christel Reis